What is
Cherwell Asset Management?

Asset management isn’t just about what assets you have. It’s about knowing how and by whom those assets are being used, whether they are compliant, whether they need to be retired or upgraded and – perhaps most importantly – where your organization is at risk in the event of a software audit. Tracking and managing IT assets can be difficult. Without the right processes and tools in place, you could be financially exposed.

Cherwell Asset Management (CAM) is built for organisations that want to reduce software license spending, IT overhead and software audit risk. It helps you discover, consolidate, manage and deeply understand your IT asset inventory, including software, hardware, software usage, compliance and license status. Integrated with The Cherwell Core no-code platform and the Cherwell Service Management IT Service Management (ITSM) solution, CAM helps you:

  • Take the guesswork out of what’s installed across your network
  • Identify software license shortfalls so you can rectify them before an audit
  • Eliminate wasteful spending by identifying unused or underutilized software assets
  • Reconcile IT purchasing data with asset inventory
  • Optimize operations so you can focus your time on innovation

At a Glance

Cherwell Asset Management is purpose-built to significantly reduce software license spending, IT overhead and software audit risk. The goal: visibility and control over your IT investments from purchase to installation, and use to retirement.

Automated Comprehensive Asset Discovery and Inventory

Cherwell Asset Management provides comprehensive, automated asset discovery and inventory tools to reconcile all the executables in your network. With it, you can identify assets from multiple sources, including Windows, Unix, Linux, MacOS, virtual environments, network devices and Oracle databases. Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) information can be easily integrated as well. Ivanti’s proprietary software identification catalog can automatically identify these executables with their corresponding application titles and versions. This catalog is maintained by a dedicated Ivanti team. Flexible, intuitive dashboards provide visibility and control over investments. Using these tools, you can perform scheduled or on-demand asset inventories and receive an intuitive summary and detailed reporting on dozens of asset characteristics.

Minimize Software License Risk

Rectify software license shortfalls with Ivanti’s worldclass license compliance management software. Our license management and compliance reporting enable proactive, automatic monitoring so you can assess your financial exposure, budget for true-up costs and correct license deficits – before these issues are uncovered by a vendor’s audit. And with software metering and application control capabilities, you can even enforce compliance for concurrently licensed applications. Cherwell Asset Management collects usage data from desktop and server applications, and SaaS analytics collects usage statistics from SaaS-based applications, including Salesforce, Box and Office365, so you can centralize the data and correlate it with subscription costs to manage and optimize spending

Reconcile IT Purchasing Data with Asset Inventory

If your organization is like most, the critical link between physical assets and purchasing data doesn’t exist. Information is often scattered or unavailable, requiring manual reconciliation of assets with purchase orders to keep tabs on license positions, know when contracts expire or plan future purchases. Cherwell Asset Management offers a comprehensive IT purchasing system designed to reconcile purchasing data with inventoried assets and includes everything you need to access, track and report from a single interface. You can allocate software and associated costs for budgeting and chargeback purposes; configure contract expiration notifications; compare what’s installed with what you’re entitled to; and import purchasing and contract details or enter them on the fly. You can also track and manage contractual information (including Microsoft agreements); set up profiles to restrict access by user or department; and save money by assigning IT purchases to individuals and/or organizational groups for budgeting, reporting, and chargeback purposes.

Optimise Operations with a Single, Consolidated Data Source

All the components of Cherwell Service Management are fully integrated into a single, consolidated IT infrastructure data source. That means the asset information captured automatically by Cherwell Asset Management flows to the shared Configuration Management Database (CMDB), where service desk staff can access it to better handle requests and resolve problems. Asset data in the CMDB also underpins the configuration management process, which in turn supports the change management process. A single, reliable, and current IT infrastructure data source optimizes all of these operations processes. With the time gained, you can focus on developing new services for business results through IT.

See https://www.ivanti.co.uk/products/cherwell-asset-management for original source …

Hardware and Software Inventory

See what’s installed across your network with IT asset discovery and inventory reporting.

License Compliance Management

Proactively monitor your license inventory and usage to correct deficits before an audit.

Software Usage Analysis

Reclaim 15-20% of your annual software budget through license re-allocation and optimisation.

ITAM Purchasing System

Consolidate IT procurement and licensing information and reconcile purchasing data with inventoried assets.