Service Request Management

A Service Request is defined as a request from a user or a user’s authorised representative that initiates a service action which has been agreed as a normal part of service delivery. Service Requests are not used in response a failure or degradation of service (which are handled as incidents). Examples of Service Requests include new employee or leaver processes, requests for new equipment or software, or for changes to permissions (such as a change of software rights or privileges). 

Cherwell Service Request processes are defined within the Service Catalogue, which stipulates who is eligible for any given Service Request type, whether management or third-party approval is required, and what any agreed deadlines might be (based on the Service Level Agreement that is linked to the Service Request type). Cherwell includes example workflow and Service Catalogue content for a variety of different Service Request types (hardware and software requests, and starter and leaver processes), any of which can be used as-is or copied and used as the basis for further types that you may require.