Improve Impact, Risk and Root-Cause
Analysis with Cherwell CMDB Software

IT organizations need more than a simple IT asset repository to make good decisions, particularly in light of increasing virtualization and mobility. Cherwell’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB) enables IT teams to visualize     how their applications, servers, databases, networking and storage devices interact, helping them more effectively manage their infrastructures. This visual, single-source-of truth provides the means to not only improve impact and risk assessment of infrastructure changes, but also prioritize incidents by downstream impact and improve root-cause analysis for effective problem management.

Improve Impact

Cherwell CMDB Software Features
Contextual CMDB Access

The CMDB can be accessed from anywhere within Cherwell Service Management, meaning you can easily associate and correlate incidents, problems and changes to Configuration Items (CIs) and reference the end-to-end view of an IT service with just the click of a button. Use the IT service view to quickly escalate incidents and problems to the appropriate teams, improve root-cause isolation of troublesome CIs, and better understand the impact of CI’s on service level agreements and operational level agreements.

Virtually Unlimited CMDB Population Methods

Populate the Cherwell CMDB using your existing inventory and discovery tools (such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager or Solarwinds Sonar Wizard), or leverage the tightly integrated capabilities of Cherwell’s Express Software Manager to collect hardware and software inventory with any custom parameters you specify. Or, for organizations looking to automate the process of identifying CIs and their relationships, leverage the service dependency mapping power of FireScope Discovery and Dependency Mapping.

Flexible Management of Configuration Items (CIs)

Regardless of your CMDB population method, Cherwell’s codeless architecture makes it easy to build powerful CI forms to create, edit, and track configuration items. Forms provide important at-a-glance information about CIs, as well as an arrangement area to dynamically display parent-child relationships.

Intuitive CMDB Dashboard

Utilize the intuitive and powerful CMDB Dashboard view to understand critical CI metrics in a single control panel, which provides key insight into the status of Configuration Items and offers drill-down capabilities to quickly understand CI attributes. Quickly classify Configuration Items by type, events based on type, or number of CIs associated with a particular vendor or service provider.