Built For Support

ConnectNow is designed from the ground up to integrate in to a Service-oriented environment, such as an IT Service Desk. However, with its flexible configuration capabilities, ConnectNow can excel even in an environment with very few users.

Dynamic Routing

Rather than being dumped in a pool of semi-trained agents, Customers are routed directly through to an Agent with the training and skills required to assist with their query. Not only does this dramatically improve the customer’s experience through less transfers and wait times, but Agents also benefit from knowing what to expect next.


Alerts can be created to convey critical information and are the first-point-of-call for a customer. Pro-actively prevent a crippling influx of contacts in the event of a System Problem, notify of scheduled maintenance and have the alert expire automatically, or even promote content by leveraging several categories and proirities.

BI, Metrics, and KPIs

ConnectNow logs a huge amount of data that can be leveraged for powerful reporting purposes. Agent and Service performance indicators including handle times, wait times, abandonment, % answered in SLA and more are available, whilst customer demographic information and their routing data assist in Problem Management by spotting trends and repeat cases.


Agents can transfer between skillsets as well as directly to other agents. Unique to Connect Now, other departments can come on board with their own instance complete with agents and settings. You can then enable transferring between these areas, promoting collaboration between business areas whilst negating the repetition involved when a customer is passed around. What’s more, the entire life cycle of the chat is logged, regardless of how many times it was transferred.

A Better Experience

Any feature of ConnectNow started off with asking ourselves how somebody’s day could be made easier. Because of this, several quality of life improvements can be enjoyed, whether you are an administrator, agent, or customer.

Canned Responses

Agents often find themselves repeating the same phrases again and again. This takes time, and increases the risk of human error. ConnectNow supports sets of “Canned Responses” that can be organised in to categories. These categories can be shown at all times, or only shown for a particular skillset, ensuring Agents only see information that is relevant to their current situation. Canned Responses even support injecting certain variables, such as the Customer’s name for a more personal touch.

Resume Previous Chat

Customers are often asked to complete an action and come back to the Service Desk if that action did not resolve the issue. An example of this in an IT Service Desk would be the classic “reboot and retry.” Calling the Service Desk back, quoting reference numbers, locating the previous case, and getting up to speed is a cumbersome process. ConnectNow allows a customer to quickly locate the previous chat they want to resume, update the notes, and re-join the queue. A link to the previous chat is displayed to Agents for quick access, and Administrators can choose to prioritise these resumed chats.

Filtered Words

All profanities are blocked by default, and your own words can be added to the list for filtering. Attempts to send these filtered words are logged, helping assist in the unfortunate scenario of a behavioural issue.


Any number of Agents can be invited to participate in a chat, forming a conference. This can drastically improve handle times by allowing an Agent to pull in a senior for assistance, or can be beneficial in the unfortunate event of a complaint. To prevent confusion, only the original Agent can control the chat itself, such as closing, or transferring it.


ConnectNow is designed and built to integrate with other applications. We use OData for ConnectNow’s API, which facilitates easy, fast, and powerful querying of data.

Log an Incident to your Ticket System

Most interactions with customers require the logging of an interaction/incident/ticket. Rather than have agents copy & paste or manually write, we offer integration services, where a ticket can be logged in your system with the minimum of input from the Agent. This reduced wrap times and the chance of human error.

Display Statistics

Useful statistics and metrics can be displayed elsewhere. Embedding wait times or alerts on the Intranet is a perfect example. Customers can quickly see how long they’re expected to wait for, or – in the event of a system problem accompanied by an alert – may even have their query answered before they chat.

References / Referrals

A user may be reading a knowledge article, but needs more assistance. On the bottom of this page could be a button or link labelled “Still need help? Click here to chat!”. Clicking the link will direct the customer to ConnectNow, with a chat waiting in the queue, pre-configured.

Advanced Integrations

Advanced behaviour can be developed, such as syncing customer data with the relevant data store, reading alerts from other systems, and much more.


We’re pleased to have partnered with Cherwell, our first “out of the box” integration. Working alongside the team, we can now send useful metrics from ConnectNow when logging an incident to Cherwell, each in their own field for reporting purposes. The flexibility and configuration capabilities of Cherwell reminded us of ConnectNow’s own configuration abilities, and work extremely well together.. Furthermore, ConnectNow can search and create customer records within Cherwell, so you can log a ticket even for a new user! We plan on improving this integration more, such as displaying a Customer’s previous chats within Cherwell itself.

Beautiful, Functional Wallboard

A Wallboard is a core component for any Contact Centre, providing a bird’s-eye-view of the queues. ConnectNow ships with a fully-functional, and attractive Wallboard that can be displayed on screens throughout the office, or just an Agent’s workstation.

Key Statistics

Key statistics are displayed on the Wallboard, with totals, and a Skillset breakdown. You can quickly identify busy queues, resource allocations, and performance at a glance. Administrators can control the colour threshold and SLA settings.

Closure Display

Opening hours are displayed on the Wallboard when the service is out of hours. This ensures Agents are aware and able to get ready for when service is scheduled to start.

Responsive Service Status

For transparancy and Agent awareness, the current Service State is displayed on the Wallboard. If the Service State is anything but “available”, the Wallboard transitions to red. This stark contrast will be noticed – even in peripheral vision from a distance – prompting an Agent to check their dashboard for more information.

Request a Demo

You can request a demonstration from us for free! The demo itself should take about 30 minutes, with extra time for any questions. We can conduct the demo online via WebEx, or we can discuss a site visit.