Innovate Without Building From Scratch

Add new capabilities to your Cherwell solution in a matter of minutes. Cherwell mApp™ solutions are pre-built capabilities that enable IT teams to extend the
Value of Cherwell Service Management™ to accomplish extraordinary things. Rather than building new capabilities from scratch, you can simply download mApp solutions into your Cherwell environment, saving you both time and money.

mApp solutions are delivered on the Cherwell mApp Exchange, an online marketplace where you can choose from hundreds of extensions, enhancements, and third-party integrations, and deploy new business and IT solutions without touching a single line of code.

Why Leverage Cherwell mApp Solutions?
Instantly Add New Capabilities

Whether you want to turbocharge your IT service management implementation, integrate with third-party products, or deliver services to other areas of the business, adding new capabilities to Cherwell is a snap. Our pre-built mApps can be installed in a matter of minutes, then customized to suit your needs using intuitive drag-and-drop wizards. No disruption to your production environment, and no need to involve skilled coding or development resources. Upgrades to the platform are frictionless, and your new capabilities, configurations, and customizations always remain intact.

Minimize Software Development Costs

Drive down the cost of innovation by utilizing capabilities that have already been built—eliminating the time and costs associated with traditional software development. You won’t need expensive consultants or costly developers to implement new functionality, or customize it to suit your needs. And unlike other competitive alternatives, you won’t pay additional Cherwell licensing costs to take advantage of new capabilities.

Engage with a Vibrant Community

Harness the power of the crowd, and connect with a rapidly growing community of Cherwell designers and customers. Learn from others how to maximize your Cherwell investment, share ideas and best practices, and unleash the power of Cherwell mApps to accomplish extraordinary things.

Mergeable Applications and Integrations make your Cherwell tool even stronger.

The Cherwell mApp Exchange

The Cherwell mApp Exchange is a community-driven online marketplace where Cherwell customers and partners share and obtain pre-built applications or methods of integration that can be added to their Cherwell Service Management™ implementations.

mApp solutions and integrations are delivered via the Cherwell mApp Exchange, where you can choose from hundreds of extensions, enhancements, and third-party integrations. Use it
to deploy new business and IT solutions, all without touching a single line of code. Check out some of the featured mApp solutions below;

Featured Cherwell mApp Solutions

Candidate Tracker (Human Resources)

Extend Cherwell into your Human Resources department by managing candidates throughout the recruitment process. Easily track each candidate’s contact information, work history, documentation, interview history, company feedback, and more.

External Customer Service
Provide your external business customers the same stellar experience you provide your internal IT customers with Cherwell Service Management. Get your customer service team up and running in a matter of days, not months, and bring all your support channels together in one place.

Executive Dashboards
Gain critical insight into the internal workings of your IT organization with three powerful executive dashboards relating to IT performance, internal customer awareness, and risk control.

Enhanced Password Reset
Quickly improve your customer self-service portal password reset functionality with additional strength and security.

Microsoft® Active Directory Orchestration Pack
Increase your enterprise’s agility by managing user and group account information within Cherwell Service Management via Microsoft Active Directory.

Microsoft Exchange® Orchestration Pack
Boost IT efficiency by managing Microsoft Exchange user and group mailboxes and accounts within Cherwell Service Management.