Cherwell Service Management Accredited as Compliant With SDI’s International Metrics and Reporting Standard

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The Service Desk Institute (SDI) is delighted to launch the world’s first performance results report accreditation programme for IT service desk software products.

Following feedback from a significant number of SDI certified service desks, SDI members and service desk professionals, it became clear that reporting service desk metrics and report generation remains one of their biggest bugbears.

This included not only knowing which metrics should be measured but how to extract data from service desk software products to report on required measures quickly and easily with the least amount of human intervention possible.

Passionate about helping service desks realise their full potential, SDI decided to make it their mission to help service desk professionals find a resolution and to make service desk reporting challenges a thing of the past. Just over a year ago, we set out to find a way to ensure service desks could turn a clear set of performance measures as defined in on our internationally recognised SDI Service Desk Standard, upon which the SDI Service Desk Certifications (SDC) programme is based, into concise and relevant management reports where, at the click of a button, the data was trended over a period of time all from within their own service desk tool.

SDI was delighted to partner with Cherwell Software to help turn this vision into a reality, and has announced that Cherwell Service Management™ is the first product in the world to be certified as SDI Performance Results Report Compliant with the SDI Service Desk Standard.

Simon Kent, head of technical business services, Cherwell Software, EMEA, who spearheaded this project at Cherwell commented: “We are delighted to be the first solution provider in the world to achieve this unique accreditation for our service desk solution, Cherwell Service Management. It has been a rewarding collaborative development with SDI to ensure our software offers SDI compliant metrics and reports at the touch of a button, making service desk reporting challenges a thing of the past. We’re thrilled to add this enormous value to our customers.”

Tessa Troubridge, managing director at SDI, added: “SDI’s goal is to drive improvements and performance in service desks by aligning them to a core set of measures that can be used to engage their own IT department and the wider business. I am thrilled with the success of the first stage of this project and look forward to all of the ITSM software providers following Cherwell Software’s lead in this important industry development project.”


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