Automate end user password resets

PasswordManager is a secure web-based network password reset solution allowing your network users to reset their own passwords whilst also maintaining an audit trail of any password reset interactions – both within PasswordManager itself, and also within Cherwell Service Management via the automated creation of password reset Service Request records.

Implementing PasswordManager can drastically decrease your call volumes, allowing your Service Desk staff to focus on the issues that need more investigation.

Research conducted by industry analysts such as Gartner and Forrester Research has confirmed that up to 30% of requests logged with an IT Service Desk relate to password resets. PasswordManager reduces the time it takes to reset a password and empowers your users to quickly and securely access their workspace without

PasswordManager Features
  • Secure Registration
    The secure registration process, including encrypted response answers within the Password Manager database ensures that access is limited to registered users only.
  • Administration Portal
    The simple to use Administration Portal ensures that PasswordManager is up and running within minutes and requires very little on-going administration.
  • Cherwell Integration
    Integration with Cherwell is included out of the box allowing Service Request records to be created and closed automatically when password reset requests are actioned.
  • Service Desk Interface
    Service Desk staff can reset passwords on behalf of users whilst still maintaining the audit trail and the automatic creation of Service Request records in Cherwell.
PasswordManager Benefits
  • Efficiency
    With users being able to reset their own passwords, Service Desk staff are freed up to work on more complex issues.
  • Integration
    Seamless interaction with Cherwell ensures that password reset requests are logged in Cherwell and will therefore appear in your reporting or Dashboard metrics.
  • Audit Trail
    An audit trail is maintained within PasswordManager allowing you to see when requests were actioned, and the outcome, including details of the numbers of questions answered (both correctly and incorrectly).
  • Security
    User enrolment increases the security of your network by providing pre-defined or user- specific questions before allowing a password reset to be undertaken.
  • Self Service password Reset
    PasswordManager allows users to reset their own network passwords through a secure web portal or via the Windows logon screen. Seamless integration with Service Management products such as Cherwell Service Management ensures that a full audit trail is maintained throughout. Potential security issues, i.e. a user answering security questions incorrectly, result in automatic alerts being generated.
  • Registration
    For users to be able to reset their password, they must first register with the PasswordManager portal. During the registration process they must either select a number of administrator-defined questions and record their specific answers, or should you wish, they can specify their own question and answer combinations.
  • Password Reset
    Once registered, users can reset their password by visiting the PasswordManager portal, entering their network login ID and answering the defined number of questions. Alternatively, a Reset Password button is available via the normal Windows (Ctrl-Alt-Del) logon screen.
  • Administration
    Administrators have access to the secure PasswordManager Administration Portal which allows them to define settings such as the supported domains, the default questions and the number of questions that will be asked, account locking/unlocking  settings, eMail notifications and Service Management system


  • Cherwell Integration
    PasswordManager has been developed to be able to be easily integrated with a variety of Service Management products, with Cherwell Service Management integration being available out-of-the-box. This integration results in Service Requests being logged automatically whenever a password reset session is commenced. A successful password reset results in a Service Request  record being created and automatically closed. Unsuccessful attempts (where questions were answered incorrectly), result in the Service Requests being left open. The Administrator can set thresholds to lock both the user’s PasswordManager and network accounts after a number of unsuccessful attempts.

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  • Service Desk Interface
    For environments where the Service Desk may be required to reset passwords on behalf of users, the Service Desk interface can be used. As with the user-facing PasswordManager portal, interactions can be automatically logged within your Service Management product.