What is Lansweeper?

Lansweeper is an asset discovery solution that discovers and maintains data on your Windows (server and PC), Linux, Mac and network devices. It provides detailed information for both hardware and software; and offers dozens of best-practice reports to identify patching, software license usage and vulnerabilities.

Over the last 20 years, Lansweeper has become the iService Solutions discovery product of choice due to its powerful discovery features, easy to navigate web-based interface, and the ability to quickly and easily import key data to populate IT Service Management solutions such as HaloITSM and Cherwell Service Management, where we have created out of the box integrations to allow for asset staging and approval.

If you adopt Lansweeper, you’ll be in good company. Lansweeper is currently utilised by over 27,000 organisations worldwide, in 130 countries and scanning over 84 million assets! Organisations such as Mercedes Benz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Hyundai, Michelin, Dimension Data, HP, EA Games, Intel, Maersk and Liverpool Football Club are just a few examples of organisations that have adopted Lansweeper.

Lansweeper includes the following features and capabilities …

  • Hardware, Software and User Inventory
  • Agent or agent-less asset discovery
  • Support for Windows, Linux, Unix, VMware and Mac devices
  • Support for printers, monitors, network devices, mobile devices and cloud assets (AWS, Azure, etc.)
  • Ability to map assets to locations (sites, offices and rooms)
  • Over 350 best-practice reports
  • Ability to manage hardware and software warranties
  • Ability to increased visibility, boost productivity, improve cybersecurity and cut costs
  • Ability to integrate with IT Service Management solutions (to populate and maintain your CMDB, or launch Lansweeper directly from your ITSM solution to display a wealth of information relating to any given asset).

Lansweeper Home Page

Lansweeper’s home page provides an overview of all your assets.

Hardware Assets

You can drill down into any given asset to view a wealth of information including operating system, hot fix, RAM, processor, Windows event log, mapped drives, installed software, connected peripherals (monitors, printers, keyboard, mouse, USB devices, etc.), networking, disk and user information.

Additional data of your own choosing can also be added if required.

Installed Software

Software installed on a device is also audited and visible within the asset record. Software details include installed applications, windows features, license keys and SQL Server information.

SQL Server Database Auditing

Lansweeper can also audit SQL Server instances and records SQL Server version, installation path and configuration, SQL Server Windows service details, and individual database files and sizes.

Software Deployment

Lansweeper includes software deployment capabilities and comes with a number of pre-configured installer packages that can be copied and used as templates for your own bespoke software deployment requirements.


Lansweeper includes over 400 pre-configured reports.